How do you do fellow theater kids?

Design, UI/UX
Teaterbilletter came to us, as they struggled with negative app reviews and market penetration. While exploring a new solution, we identified a need to upgrade the UI/UX, as well as to create a technical foundation that would support new features like exploration and purchase.

We wanted to create an app that made the flow of, not only reserving and purchasing, but also the process of getting your tickets checked at the theater easier and smoother than ever.

Designed in Figma, and developed as native apps for iOS and Android, the new Teaterbilletter app got a five-star design overhaul alongside added features like exploration and favoriting, resulting in much improved user feedback.
Made at Signifly

Client & Project Lead / Gijs Millenaar
Design / Caroline Vestergaard Reiter (yours truly)
Development / Bornfight
the problem

The biggest problem Teaterbilletter faced, was how their app resulted in friction throughout the entire user experience. Users, as well as personnel, reported that they struggled to manage tickets when guiding larger groups. The app did not encourage exploration, which the users were missing. Filtering, liking, and experiencing a small pre-taste of the performance, was essential in making the user interested in purchasing tickets.

Teaterbilletter wished to make the product appeal to a younger audience, but it was important to consider that a big part of their current users were seniors.

The result was a redesign focusing not only on functionality for the application's main features but also on the experience behind finding and purchasing. Making the experience more sleek and simple, also accommodated the needs of non-digital savvy users, making it intuitive for them to navigate and find what they need.

Users reported greater satisfaction, highlighting the ability to filter performances, and easily scan tickets.