How do you do,
fellow theater kids?

Type: Client
From: 2022
Actors on a stage with lights pointing towards them.
Teaterbilletter came to us, as they struggled with negative app reviews and market penetration. While exploring a new solution, we identified a need to upgrade the UI/UX, as well as to create a technical foundation that would support new features like exploration and purchase.
Colors of the app seen as three simple circles, one in navy, one in a bluish grey and the third in a bright teal blue.
We wanted to create an app that made the flow of, not only reserving and purchasing, but also the process of getting your tickets checked at the theater easier and smoother than ever. We also implemented an entire new color palette, to better match the vibes of theater and performance.
App icon in use on an iPhone.
Screens showing Teaterbilletter's onboarding flow
Screens showing Teaterbilletter's discover section
A hand holding an iPhone showing the discover page of the Teaterbilletter app.
Screen showing the ticket overview and scanning in the app.
Search and filtering
Image of Teaterbilletter's 
onboarding flow
Designed in Figma, and developed as native apps for iOS and Android, the new Teaterbilletter app got a five-star design overhaul alongside added features like exploration and favoriting, resulting in much improved user feedback.