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Type: Client
From: 2023
A women and a man sitting in the back of a bus
VIKINGBUS, one of Denmark's biggest bus companies, had the ambition of creating a new and ambitious direct-to-consumer bus service meeting the needs of a modern audience with a more spontaneous approach to traveling. What they were looking to craft a completely new and autonomous brand fueled by a smooth, elevated digital experience.
role: Product design lead
Team: Product design Lead / Yours. truly, Client Lead / Mathilde Ive, Strategy Lead / Mads Lindum, Brand design / Alexander Spliid
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Brand video
Credit: Signifly Creatives
A guy smiling in the bus while looking out the window
App design
Girl looking at her phone, showing the app
Looking into VIKINGBUS's target audience and competitors, I wanted to explore what features the users felt they lacked in existing products.
Phones with the Fleet app running on the screen
Phone showing the live tracking feature in the app
App screens showing the live bus tracking flow
Users have grown accustomed to having live updates of deliveries, rides, and pickups, so we considered live tracking a key feature.
App screens showing the ticket search flow
The user should be able to book within seconds, and pay with MobilePay, or other frictionless payment options.
Laptop showing the Fleet website landingpage
Making the user journey smooth and flexible, no matter what device the user is on.
Design system
Different elements on the design system
The design system is based on moduls, that ensures a global cohesive look, while also making it easy for the user to navigate.