Next stop.
New adventures.

2022 - 2023
UI/UX Design
VIKINGBUS, one of Denmark's biggest bus companies, had the ambition of creating a new and ambitious direct-to-consumer bus service meeting the needs of a modern audience with a more spontaneous approach to traveling. They were looking to craft a completely new and autonomous brand fueled by a smooth, elevated digital experience.

The result is a completely new brand built from the ground up - Fleet. My role in this project was translating the freshly produced brand and surrounding strategy into a complete new digital experience across all platforms, designing both an app and corresponding website.
Vikingbus (Fleet)
Made at Signifly

Client Lead / Patrick Rønning & Mathilde Ive
Strategy Lead / Mads Lindum
Creative Design Lead / Alexander Spliid
Digital Design Lead / Caroline Vestergaard Reiter