On a mission to create a gender-inclusive health app

Type: Client
From: 2021
  • App design
  • Web design
Executed in 2021
While society has become aware of a wide gender spectrum, many menstrual cycling apps still employ semiotics that targets cis-gendered straight women. From choice of color to content, many non-binary and queer people expressed frustrations with making apps "cliché gender-reveal-esque" by using pink, florals, and other "girly things" on its platform. Cluna wanted to make a platform that not only avoided this by making its platform gender-neutral, but also wanted to be more inclusive when providing content, health tips, sexual education, and support.
Cluna's mission was to create a platform, which would not exclude or discriminate against any person with periods. They expressed concern over the existing market's tendency to make their products fall under binary feminine connotations, making non-binary or trans users feel unsafe using it in public public spaces, fearing that they'll get outed and suffer from unwanted harrasment.