On a mission to create a gender-inclusive health application.

Type: Client
From: 2021
Non-binary person sitting in bed smiling
While society has become aware of a wide gender spectrum, many menstrual cycling apps still employ semiotics that targets cis-gendered straight women. From choice of color to content, many non-binary and queer people expressed frustrations with making apps "cliché gender-reveal-esque" by using pink, florals, and other "girly things" on its platform. Cluna wanted to make a platform that not only avoided this by making its platform gender-neutral, but also wanted to be more inclusive when providing content, health tips, sexual education, and support.
role: Lead designer
Two women in bed laughing
Brief: Create a platform, which would not exclude people with periods, no matter their gender.
Logo icon for Cluna
App design
Screens in the Cluna app
Screens showing the interface of the Cluna app
Packaging and branding universe
Packaging design for vitamins supporting the four phases
Avoiding the product to fall under binary feminine connotations, making non-binary or trans users feel unsafe using it in public public spaces, fearing that they'll get outed and suffer from unwanted harrasment.
Menstruation icons showing the four phases of the cycle
Cluna's branding used on a green tote bag.
Cluna's branding used on a purple tote bag.