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Find your fellow literary nerds and get reading.

UI/UX Design
Social Book Club was created as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Research showed that people were eager to rekindle their love for books and connect with others who shared the same passion.

Where online book discussion forums are widely spread, many of the users we tested the concept on, felt that finding local book clubs in their area was difficult, and if they were able to locate any, it was rare that it touched upon the genres that they cared for. This led to a goal of creating a socially based application, where creating, sharing and recruiting people for book clubs, while also making the experience of running them, a smooth and delightful experience.
Social Book Club

We wanted to reach a wider range of target groups, allowing people of all ages and interests to easily find like minded people. By making use of current online debates regarding everything from movie adaptions to #booktok, we wanted to market Book Club as the friend who says what we are all thinking. The book was better.